Coaching & Teaching

Acting for Young Performers (ages 6-15)

This is primarily a service that helps young ones develop character, understand the world of a play, as well as professional behavior. Many of my clients seek help in preparation for auditions. This includes material selection and the biz of the biz work that many young actors aren’t aware that they need to do! We also play a lot of games and artist-building exercises.

Acting for Young Adults (ages 15-19)

Similar to Young Performers, Young Adult training involves character and ensemble building, professional behavior and etiquette, and audition preparation. By the time you enter this season of training, however, we work a little deeper with given circumstances and text analysis. Other acting methods are introduced and an expectation of personal investment is ever-present. At this point, the student is viewed as an adult in the professional world, and I help you understand EXACTLY what that means!

Acting for Adults (ages 20+)

We pull out all the stops in this area. I will coach these adults bases on their level of experience, but overall the expectation is the same. We work as if you are a theatre artist chasing the same vision and dream of the playwright or director. At this point, text analysis is crucial, and deep personal investment in the world of the play is imperative. I coach character building through in-depth analysis, as well as vocal exploration using a myriad of experts’ teaching. If coaching for an audition, we will work with professional standards, biz of the biz, understanding the crazy world of networking, and how to present your best self in the room. Many students also look for coaching for Graduate School Training, which is a process of its very own right.


I coach/teach/explore/delight in the Bard’s immortal works with all ages. The level of in-depth analysis depends on the experience and ability of the student. We will work with many techniques of experience William Shakespeare’s works including The First Folio Technique and basic sanction and poetry analysis. No need to worry if you’ve never done this before! I can help you understand from the fundamentals of verse to character building!


See specific ages for more information. In short I coach for auditions for specific shows, college programs, Graduate programs, DVD recordings for submission, etc. All coaching comes with consultation of professional standards and business etiquette in the theatre.

TEXT ANALYSIS (ages 16+)

Where as we work with text in all ages, the in-depth work of analysis is best suited for Young Adults and older. This is where we really begin to try to understand WHY a playwright has used the WORDS and WHERE they have been used. We explore text on an academic level (Play Analysis/Historical Context), but we also use vocal exercises and investigations to unlock specific understandings of character and story. A complete willingness to act with ABANDON is required for this work. We also talk about how to research a role effectively in this practice.

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"Jess is encouraging, confident, compassionate, humble, extremely talented and a passionate teacher. She helped coach me for my musical theater college auditions and I honestly believe I would have not been accepted without her encouragement and help. She took me to a whole new level in my acting, and she prepared me emotionally for the auditions. She is even willing, two years later, to help me out when I need help finding a new monologue. I am extremely grateful for my time working with her."

Ashten Banister - Rider University

"Working on Shakespeare monologues with Jessica Milewicz has proven to be wildly more beneficial than my lessons with dozens of other coaches. Her mastery of the material combined with the sheer joy she has for it is thrilling to experience first hand. I truly had a wonderful time working with her and left those sessions feeling fully prepared and excited to perform."

Brian Gligor - Acting MFA at UT

"Jess is an awesome coach. She has an incredible grasp of Shakespeare's language, and was wonderfully easy to learn from. She guided me to discover the nuance and rhythm of both prose and verse, opening up two monologues that I had a very general idea of and making them incredibly specific and fun! I would recommend her to anyone as an audition coach or teacher, specifically of Shakespeare's works!"

Daniel Johnsen - NYC Actor

"To say that Jess Milewicz is one of the most dedicated and talented artists I know would be an understatement. As a text coach, Jess is one of the most giving, encouraging, yet challenging teachers I've ever encountered. She breathes life into her work and her teachings with such excitement and enthusiasm that she ignites and delights all who work with her. Her work with me on Shakespeare texts has been so immersive, intelligent, and thorough and simply allows me to live in the work and words. She is brilliant and inviting and I would recommend her work to anyone, hands down."

Heather McDevitt Barton

"Jess makes the translation of Shakespearean text a fun puzzle to solve, a playful exercise of the senses rather than tedious work. She uses witty, relevant analogies to make the language better understood in a contemporary context. Jess' love of language is infectious highly recommend working with her."